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Elementary School

With the introduction of CBC curriculum, our elementary school is equipped with course materials and co-curriculum facilities to ensure that our students receive a wholistic learning experience. The best part of this school is the facilitators/teachers who receive continuous training and have a heart to serve children.

Junior School

This newly introduced section of the school has rooted technology in our education system. Our school is equipped with a computer laboratory where students get to learn how to incorporate IT in every subject. Our teachers are keen to ensure that every student understands the concepts; encourage creativity thinking and develops their problem-solving skills.

High School

As we prepare our students for tertiary education, they are taught to be proactive, reliable and distinguishable. Our students are encouraged to bring to life what they learn in the classroom. Discipline being the cornerstone of this school, our students graduate with excellent academic results, admirable character and a philanthropic heart.

Why choose RUSH Schools?

Quality Education

Rush schools consists of a diverse community from our students and staff to our partners and supporters. This diversity teaches our students cultural intelligence because our students learn from different people around the world; emotional intelligence because our community has individuals from different backgrounds of social, medical and financial status.

We raise our students to be global citizens who can live and work in any part of the world, achieving excellence notwithstanding life’s circumstances.

Child Sponsorship

In Africa, we believe that it takes a community to raise a child. When we all join our resources together, we give a needy child the opportunity to have a better and brighter future thus breaking generational cycles of poverty.

At Rush schools we believe that every child has a right to quality education despite their background. But we cannot do it alone!!! Join us and be at the forefront of generational change.

Affordable Education

Quality education does not have to be expensive. We aim to reach the unreached children in our community by making education at Rush schools affordable to enable equal opportunity for education. Affordability has been made possible through our kind donors, partners and supporters.

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