Home-Based Care

Home-Based Care Program

Brief History

Community is at the heart of Rush. Most members of the rush community are vulnerable and some of them needed a lot of help in their day to day. Rush Home-based care team was founded with the vision of being community nurses/helpers/aids to those within the community who are unable to meet their daily chores. Through this program, the sick take their medication and are cooked for, the elderly get their chores done, the rejected feel loved and appreciated, the orphaned are not alone. The volunteers in this program even came up with a uniform to help the stand-out as they go around the community serving the vulnerable and the needy.

Features of the program

Just like all of our programs and initiatives, there are specific features of the project that have been tailored made to meet the unique needs and context of the community being served.

The following are the features of this project.

Health care services

Medication Management

Emotional and Psychological Support:

Program Calender

Together, we will create a ripple effect of empowerment, hope, and lasting change.

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