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As the year drew to a close, RUSH Kenya embraced a day filled with reflection, celebration, and a collective pause for the upcoming Christmas festivities. This special day stood as a testament to their commitment to both introspection and joyous revelry, intertwining moments of gratitude and merriment. The group engaged in various activities, from reflective sessions reviewing accomplishments and challenges to spirited celebrations filled with music, dance, and shared laughter. Packaging Day, marked on the 11th of December 2023, saw a spirited assembly of young individuals meticulously preparing Christmas packages for all RUSH members, symbolizing not just the spirit of giving but also the strong sense of community within RUSH.


The 12th of December 2023 held profound significance for the RUSH Kenya family. Not only did it honour Kenya's 50 years of independence, but it also marked the official closure of the year's project activities. Members gathered to commemorate both the nation's historic journey and their collective achievements. Amidst reflections, Pastor Magembe's heartfelt Thanksgiving prayers resonated through the congregation, expressing gratitude for blessings, challenges overcome, and lessons learned. The group's chairlady delivered a moving speech, celebrating the year's collaborative efforts and inspiring hope for the future.


The day embraced entertainment and presentations, where seasoned members shared stories, cracked jokes, and showcased talents, weaving a tapestry of cherished memories that united past and present. The coordinator's meticulous detailing of the year's efficiency and dedication highlighted the group's commitment to success, inspiring admiration among members. Founders reflected on the project's journey, expressing gratitude for the collective effort and an eagerness for continued growth.


As a culmination, members received Christmas packages, symbolizing the start of the festive season. Smiles of gratitude adorned faces as they departed, eagerly anticipating the start of a new project year slated for February 8th, 2024. The day encapsulated not just the celebration of achievements but also the spirit of unity, gratitude, and anticipation for the promising future ahead for RUSH Kenya.

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