Computer school

Computer school

Brief History

In 2003, RUSH embarked on a mission to empower the youth in society with essential tech-savvy skills by establishing the Rush Computer School. This initiative aimed to bridge the digital divide and equip young individuals with the knowledge and certification necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving technology landscape.

Rush Computer School offers a comprehensive program that covers a range of valuable skills. Participants have the opportunity to obtain certification in Microsoft Office packages, which are essential tools for modern workplace productivity. The curriculum also includes training in secretarial skills, enabling students to excel in administrative roles. Furthermore, the school provides instruction in basic computer repair, troubleshooting, and maintenance, vital skills for keeping technology running smoothly.

While Rush Computer School has made significant strides in empowering the youth and enhancing their employability, it faces a pressing challenge in the form of outdated computer hardware. Limited financial resources have hindered the school's ability to invest in modern computers and accessories, which are crucial for providing students with up-to-date training and preparing them for the latest industry demands.

Despite this challenge, Rush Computer School remains committed to its mission of transforming the lives of the youth by arming them with vital technological competencies. The program not only opens doors to various career opportunities but also plays a pivotal role in shaping a more tech-savvy and capable generation, ultimately contributing to the development of their communities and society as a whole.

Features of the program

Just like all of our programs and initiatives, there are specific features of the project that have been tailored made to meet the unique needs and context of the community being served.

The following are the features of this project.


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