Brief History

With the dream of having a self-sufficient community, tailoring college was started. Through the college, young people who did not have a source of income and could not continue with academic studies due to low grades, got the opportunity to learn tailoring skills. After months of dedicated learning, the students register for national examinations. For those that pass their exams, a graduation is held and each student is awarded a sewing machine to help kick-start their career in tailoring. The program has been such a success that even the teachers teaching currently, Peter and Beatrice, were among the pioneer students of the program.

Features of the program

Just like all of our programs and initiatives, there are specific features of the project that have been tailored made to meet the unique needs and context of the community being served.

The following are the features of this project.

Youth Empowerment

Financial Independance

Capacity Building

Program Calender

Together, we will create a ripple effect of empowerment, hope, and lasting change.

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