Success Story

Lazarus Chibeu

Lazurus is an Alumini of Rush schools and beneficiary of the RUSH Schools program.

Beneficiary Profile Summary
Lazarus Chibeu


High School Education:
RUSH High School

University Education:
Jomo Kenyatta University

  • Degree in Nursing
  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education

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From Adversity to Achievement: The Lazarus Chibeu Success Story.

RUSH Schools Beneficiary

Meet Lazarus Chibeu, a resilient and driven individual who has defied the odds, rising from humble beginnings to become a beacon of hope and healing. Hailing from a needy family that struggled to afford even the basic necessities, Lazarus's life trajectory took a remarkable turn, thanks to the transformative education program offered by Rush School.

Born into a modest family in the heart of Kakamega County, Lazarus faced numerous hurdles in his early years. With limited financial resources, access to education seemed like an unattainable dream for him and his family. The path to learning was fraught with barriers, yet Lazarus carried a fervent desire to pursue his studies.

Lazarus's life changed when he became part of the life-changing Rush School education program. The program not only offered him access to quality education but also nurtured his aspirations, igniting a flame of hope within him.

Within the nurturing environment of Rush School, Lazarus demonstrated unwavering dedication to his studies. Over the years, he excelled academically, showcasing impressive progress in various subjects. His commitment and potential caught the attention of both his teachers and peers.

As he embraced the educational opportunities provided by the program, Lazarus also experienced personal growth. His self-confidence soared, and he began to see a world of possibilities beyond the limitations of his past.

Lazarus faced his share of challenges, both academically and personally. Yet, with the unwavering support and guidance of his mentors and the Rush School community, he overcame each hurdle with determination and resilience.

Lazarus attributes much of his success to the exceptional support system provided by Rush School. Teachers, mentors, and fellow students became his pillars of strength, fostering an environment of encouragement and positivity that enabled him to thrive.

Lazarus's educational journey reached a significant milestone when he achieved his dream of becoming a qualified nurse. With certificates and accolades to his name, he has embarked on an internship at the prestigious Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, where he continues to excel.

Beyond his personal accomplishments, Lazarus's journey has had a profound impact on his family and the entire community. His success has become a source of inspiration, encouraging others to pursue education and dream big.

Lazarus's aspirations know no bounds. He envisions a future where he can contribute to the welfare of his community, improving healthcare access and promoting education. His journey is far from over, and he remains determined to make a lasting impact.

Lazarus's story is a testament to the transformative power of education, and the role of programs like Rush School in changing lives. As we celebrate Lazarus's remarkable achievements, we are reminded of the importance of continued support for such programs. Lazarus is proof that with determination, a supportive community, and access to education, individuals can overcome adversity and write their own success stories. Lazarus Chibeu's journey from hardship to healing stands as an inspiration to us all, a living testament to the impact of education and the spirit of resilience.

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