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Pauline is an Alumini of Rush schools and beneficiary of the RUSH Schools program.

Beneficiary Profile Summary
Pauline Atema


High School Education:
RUSH High School

University Education:
Egerton University

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education

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From Adversity to Achievement: The Pauline Atema Success Story.

RUSH Schools Beneficiary

.Meet Pauline Atema, a proud alumna of Rush Academy. Her life's journey faced significant challenges from an early age when she lost her parents during primary school. The dream of pursuing further education seemed unattainable as she completed her KCPE with no means of support. But fate smiled upon her when she was connected to Rush Academy, a turning point that changed the course of her life.

With the unwavering support of Rush Academy, Pauline overcame adversity and successfully passed her KCSE. This pivotal achievement opened the doors to higher education, and she embarked on her academic journey at Egerton University. There, she pursued a degree in Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and excelled, achieving a second class upper division.

Today, Pauline proudly serves as an accountant at Rush Schools, a remarkable achievement that reflects her dedication and commitment to her alma mater. Her success is not only a personal triumph but also a testament to the impact that Rush Academy has had on her life.

In her own words, Pauline finds it difficult to express the depth of her gratitude to Rush Academy. Her simple yet heartfelt message is a reflection of the profound impact the organization has had on her journey. She extends her heartfelt thanks to Rush and offers a prayer for the continued success and expansion of the organization's mission.

Pauline Atema's story is a reminder that education, support, and the kindness of others can truly transform lives. Her journey, from adversity to achievement, is a testament to the enduring legacy of Rush Academy and the positive influence it has on the lives of its alumni.

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