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Sophie Mercy

Sophie Mercy is an Orphan rescued by RUSH KENYA.

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Sophie Mercy


Primary School Education:
RUSH Junior School

  • Office Assistant at RUSH Schools
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Sophie Mercy: A Triumph Over Adversity

RUSH Schools Beneficiary

Sophie Mercy's life began in the depths of despair, but her journey is a remarkable testament to resilience, compassion, and the power of unwavering support. When Lucy Amukowa, the founder of Rush, discovered Sophie, she was in a situation that is difficult to fathom.

Sophie was just three years old when Lucy found her, lying next to the lifeless body of her mother. The stench of death had become overwhelming, and the situation had deteriorated to the point where worms were emerging from her mother's body. This was the harsh reality of their life - one marked by abject poverty and unimaginable suffering. Their mud house, devoid of even basic furnishings, was a poignant symbol of the hardships they faced.

The heart-wrenching tragedy didn't end with Sophie's mother's passing. None of Sophie's relatives were willing to take her in, leaving this innocent child utterly alone in the world. It was in this bleak moment that Lucy Amukowa stepped in. She not only took Sophie under her wing but also bestowed upon her the name "Sophie Mercy," a name that carried with it the promise of hope, love, and a brighter future.

Sophie's early life was fraught with challenges. At the age of three, she could neither speak nor mumble a word, and her physical condition was dire. Her body's nerves appeared to be failing, leaving her with a profound lack of sensation. Lucy, recognizing the urgency of the situation, sought medical assistance for Sophie. The diagnosis was grim, but Lucy's commitment never wavered.

Years of devastating childhood trauma had left Sophie struggling not only to speak but also with her mental and emotional well-being. Yet, Lucy and the Rush family provided Sophie with the love, care, and support she needed. Slowly but steadily, Sophie began her arduous journey to recovery.

Lazarus faced his share of challenges, both academically and personally. Yet, with the unwavering support and guidance of his mentors and the Rush School community, he overcame each hurdle with determination and resilience.

Today, Sophie Mercy is a living testament to the remarkable human capacity for resilience and transformation. Her ability to overcome adversity is an inspiration to us all. While her early years were marked by tragedy and suffering, she has blossomed into a young person who is making strides in her personal development. Sophie's journey reminds us that even in the darkest of circumstances, the light of hope and compassion can guide the way to a brighter future. Her story is a testament to the boundless potential of the human spirit to rise above challenges and embrace the promise of a better tomorrow.

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